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1. Idris Sultan is Tanzania’s representative in Big Brother Africa Hotshots emerged the winner of the ninth edition of the reality TV show after 63 days in the house in 2014.

2. He was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots because he wants to inspire people and make a name for himself in the process,’ he says. He feels ‘thrilled, excited and accomplished, totally special’ that the continent will be watching him on the show.’

3. At Age: 21, Idris describes himself as ‘smart, charming, funny, flirty and creative, he is a photographer from Arusha in Tanzania.

4. His Favourite book(s) include “anything written” by Dan Brown’.

5. Idris enjoys watching The Colbert Report, Drunk History, The Daily Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show on TV.

6. He was the young handsome boy who had a romantic fling with Uganda’s Ellah and Botswana’s Goitse during the show, Tayo on the other hand was the emotional boy who at some point fell out with almost every male housemate in the house.

7. His Favourite musical tastes are quite varied, and include music artists such as Chris Brown, Sam Smith, Lana Del Ray, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ed Sheeran and Nina Simone.

8. Idris confirmed that he doesn’t have one specific role model, however, he has chosen to take the best from every successful person he meets. He also revealed that his Mom has mostly influenced his life.

9. Idris loves photography and he’s most proud of the respect he’s earned by showcasing his skill and creativity in photography.

10. According to Idris, since Africa gave him the money he won, he would return the money back to Africa, but ‘not in cash’, as he was quick to add, noting that he would use it for developmental projects.